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  • ModelU1272A
  • MakerAgilent
  • DescriptionHandheld Digital Multimeter
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The U1272A digital multimeter is shaped perfectly to fit in your hand, with or without gloves on. Its nonslip ergonomic shape enables you to carry your DMM and perform measurements on the go easily. Additionally, the controls are easy to operate due to the large knob and buttons. Designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, these DMMs offer convenient functions such as ZLOW to eliminate stray voltages, Smart Ω to minimize false readings due to leakage current and Qik-V to determine existence of AC and/or DC voltages.

  • Accuracy is given as ±(% of reading + counts of least significant digit) at 23 °C ± 5 °C, with relative humidity less than80% RH.
  • AC V and AC µA/mA/A specifications are AC coupled, true RMS and are valid from 5% of range to 100% of range.
  • The crest factor may be up to 3.0 at full scale except for the 1000 V range where it is 1.5 at full scale.
  • For non-sinusoidal waveforms, add (2% reading + 2% full scale) typical, for crest factors up to 3.
  • After ZLOW voltage measurements, wait at least 20 minutes for thermal impact to cool before proceeding with any other measurement.


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