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  • ModelVENTUS 1.0
  • DescriptionAll in One USB Type of DTV / Mobile TV Signal Generator
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The digital streaming DTV/Mobile TV modulator with USB connection have ability to stream an MPEG
stream from hard disk and output an industry-standard 50-870MHz (VHF + UHF) RF signal. The on-board
synthesizer can generate a stable and accurate symbol clock and tuning frequency. The Transport Stream
can be supplied via an external USB2.0 interface, and full customer-selectable modulation adjusted to
exactly what customers need. And can be upgradable other modulation without hardware Factory return,
but in the way of simple on-line proceeds, if purchase license update
Moreover, VHF and UHF mode RF AMP and step attenuator have ability to amplify professional quality RF
level +10 dBm to -110 dBm range. The professional range of RF power controlling should be very much
ideal for adjacent selective, Min/Max level of RF Sensitive Testing.
The USB modulator is fully hard-ware base of FPGA design solution, that can be enough to use with even
low performance laptop PC on low CPU share Usage, and easy carry for field test, and your product

• USB 2.0 Platform Base Frame (DVB-ASI Output & Input)
• T-DMB / DAB+ modulation option
• OFDM (DVB-T/DVB-H) modulation option
• ISDB-T/B modulation option
• QAM (DVB-C/ITU-T J83 Annex B) modulation option
• OFDM (T-DMB/DAB) modulation option
• ATSC (8VSB) modulation option
• CMMB modulation + Mulitplex frame modulation option
• OpenCable modulation option
• DTMB modulation option
• Real time ASI INPUT to RF OUTPUT modulation option
• AWGN – white Noise Generation
• MPEG2 – TS Recording & Analyzing (Program / PID) / Bit stuffing ability
• On-board VHF/UHF RF output up-converter at level -20dBm (1Hz step Agile Type) basic
• RF Level Accuracy : <+/-1dB
• AMP & RF Step Attenuators for professional RF level test – RF output from +10 dBm to -110 dBm (0.1dB
• steps) option
• Temperature compensation using an integrated temperature sensor, enable to heater control without RF
• level loss


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