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  • ModelVG-835
  • MakerAstro Design, Inc
  • DescriptionDigital Video Generator
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VG-835 Programmable Video Signal Generator

10-bit Digital Output Supported Programmable Video Signal Generator

LVDS digital super-high-gradation 10-bit output
The new VG-835 is a programmable signal-generator that supports super-high gradation LVDS output (RGB 10-bit each). Deeper graduation has been realized to satisfy requirements for flat panel displays like PDPs where gradation is growing and expanding to ultra-high-density.


・Wideband Clock range
Dot clock 20 – 180 MHz at LDVS 10bit output, 25 – 300MHz(dual link) at TMDS 8bit output, supports a wide range and broodband.

・Range of output modes

The range of output modes includes; output 10bit data pattern via LDVS, output 8bit data pattern after affine transformed to 10bit, 10bit lamp pattern (1024 gradation), etc.

・More functions by adding optional boards
By mounting an optional board the Video Signal Generator can support LDVS 4ch output (8bit model) and a parallel 4ch output (8bit model).
* The number of boards that can be added is limited to one.

・Data array program function
Allows a user to arbitrarily program an LVDS data array. A user can, in this manner, cope with specifications requiring a test-object display device.

・Ethernet adopted for outside interface
Ethernet and RS-232C have been adopted for external interface. By supporting Ethernet, the signal generator is now capable of performing batch control of multiple VG units.

・Equipped with scroll and simple animation imaging functions
Equipped with a 1-dot level horizontal and vertical display pattern scroll function. It can also be used to store multiple animation images with respect to resolution and display them by moving a display start coordinate control.

・Editing via PC Card
An ATA compliant Compact Flash Card has been adopted as a recording medium. Program Bitmap data editing can be saved directly to a PC without using VG.


Output specifications
Dot Clock Frequency / step
DVI : 25 to 300MHz / 10KHz step
LVDS : 20 to 300MHz / 10KHz step
LVDS(10bit) : 20 to 180MHz / 10KHz step
Parallel : 100KHz to 300KHz / 10KHz step
Horizontal timing Frequency
setting sccuracy
Less than 100MHz : 1 dot level
100 to 200MHz : 2 dot unit
200 to 300MHz : 4 dot unit
Horizontal timing Frequency / dot
10 to 300MHz / 8192 dots max.
Vertical timing Perpendicular
frequency / scanning line
15.6 to 200Hz / 8192 dots max.
Image memory / simultaneous
chromophores BitMap
4k × 4k × 24bits / 16.770.000 colors
Wind plane / character plane
Window setinng with register – 1 of 16.770k colors
75Ω fixed
0.3 to 1.2V
1ch : 100KHz~100MHz
2ch : 5 to 200MHz
4ch : 5 to 300MHz
LVDS 4ch(output)
1ch : 20 to 85MHz
2ch : 40 to 170MHz
4ch : 80 to 300MHz
Devided picture drawing function(when 1/2,1/4 output)
LDVS 10bit(2ch)
1ch : 20 to 90MHz
2ch : 40 to 180MHz
General specification
AC100 to 120V , 200 to 240V (50 to 60Hz)
Power consumption
Operetion temperature
+5 to 40℃
Storage temperature
-10 to 60℃
30 to 80%RH(non-condensing)
430(W)×88(H)×350(D) (excluding projected parts)





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