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  • ModelVG-873
  • MakerAstro
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■ HDMI TMDS Clock 300MHz supported. It realizes 4Kx2K/30Hz timing and 3D Side-by-Side(Full) / Frame Packing at 1080p/60Hz timing.

■ HDMI 16-bit video output within limited dot clock frequency.

■ HEC (Ethernet Channel) communication

■ Maximum 2 additional interfaces can be selected.

■ HDMI various functions supported (xvYCC/Deep Color/CEC/Lip Sync).

■ DVI Dual Link 330MHz dot clock frequncy (VM-1814)

■ Analog 300MHz dot clock freqeuncy (VM-1811)

■ 4Kx2K format and Full HD 240Hz timing supported. (VM-1824, VM-1824-A, VM-1825, VM-1826)

■ RGB 16-bit drawing

■ Windows based control and program edit software SP-8870.

■ Terminal commands provided by PC control

■ 1000 programs are saved in a CF card.  The internal memory (about 100MB) can also be used to save users’ own programs.


  • ■ Uncompressed 10-bit moving picture function (VM-1819). Motion pictures are selected from VT-7001 Video Library for HDTV evaluation.

Data sheet (VM-1819 Motion Picture) [ Download ]
Data sheet (VT-7001 Video Library)[ Download ]

■ Next generation HDMI High Bit Rate audio (VT-8500-0006 or VT-8500-0008).

  • ■ Image format converter (SP-8010).  8, 24, 36 and 48-bit TIFF data is converted to the file for ASTRO VG file format (VBM).

Data sheet (SP-8010 Image Format Converter)[ Download ]

  • ■ 8/10/12-bit Natural Pictures card for TV evaluation (VT-8001)

Data sheet (VT-8001 8/10/12-bit natural picture)[ Download ]

  • ■ Chinese TV Inspection Pattern Library (VT-8500-0004)

Data sheet (VT-8500-0004 China patterns)[ Download ]

■ Uncompressed 4Kx2K Picture Library VT-7004 option

■ 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.125 dot scroll option. APDC pattern (0.5 dot scroll) for moving picture resolution testing (APDC pattern is provided by Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation.)

■ Remote box RB-1870 (with program edit function) and RB-1871 (program selection only. For production operators use.)

Note1: Specifications will differ from the selected interface and option.

Note2: VG-873 and VG-874 are equipped with one HDMI 300MHz unit as standard. Users can select 2 additional output units.  Please refer to interface units of VG-870B / 871B.





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